About Us

In 1969, Al-Radwan International Group (RIG) was founded, and began with the distribution of automotive parts in Kuwait.

Over the past four decades RIG has grown into a multinational group of companies serving the MENA region.

Advanced Solutionz was formed in 1998 as a specialized division of RIG to provide direct market access for advanced tools, equipment, cleaners and safer liquids in addition to technical solutions that enabled better health and environmentally responsible offerings. Advanced Solutionz is divided into four main functions:


Over the past 10 years Advanced Solutionz has grown rapidly to become the preferred Middle East provider in automotive diagnostics, maintenance and specialized equipment. Presently, Advanced Solutionz has positioned itself as the most specialized company in the region, selling branded diagnostic tools, special equipment and high-tech automotive products. We also provide complete service solutions, including product training, repair and replacement services for automotive dealers, transport companies, fleet operators and after-market service centers. Many of the equipment and solutions we sell are designed to heavily reduce CO2 emission and increase gas mileage.

In 2007, Advanced Solutionz was assigned as the Exclusive Distributor of SPX OE Tools (Original Equipment) for GM, FORD, CHRYSLER, JAGUAR & LANDROVER, NISSAN, HYUNDAI, KIA etc. in the MENA region. SPX is a global tool supplier to the major automotive manufacturers.


The Green Initiative Project is a keystone of the Advanced Solutionz mandate towards environmental responsibility focusing on lower carbon emissions and dramatic reductions in water consumption. More information about this project will be published as the Initiative develops. For more information for investor development contact lubna@advancedsolutionz.com


Through Aqua Vita we aim to provide drinking water that vitalizes and extends wellbeing and health. More information about this project will be revealed as the events unfold.


Under Carbon Green Project, we are pleased to announce the world's first commercially viable process for recycling 100% of used tires into high-grade steel, oil, off-gases and Carbon Green™ - a carbon black product which is a key component in new tire manufacturing. For more information on this pioneering project and investor participation contact elias@advancedsolutionz.com