Green Initiative

go green

Since its inception, the founders of Advance Solutionz established the basis to provide direct market access for advanced tools, equipments, cleaners and safer liquids in addition to technical solutions that would enable better health and environmentally responsible solutions.

Becoming the leader and establishing superior practices well in advance of current market trends enabled us to be positioned to serve ever stringent environmental requirements and innovation. In this vein, Advance Solutionz set up a platform that would cross industries from automotive to consumer, to commercial & retail cleaning, to recycling and water. Through our Green Clean Initiative, Aqua Vita and Carbon Green, we have developed landmark projects that provide lower carbon emissions, dramatic reductions in water consumption, drinking water that vitalizes and extends wellbeing and health as well as zero emissions recycling. Also through these developmental projects Advanced Solutionz is committed to sustainable manpower development and "clean" job opportunities in the areas we serve.

Advance Solutionz will be announcing these projects as they unfold. If you want to be part of the Green Clean Initiative contact us at