Service and Support

Customer Support

We at ASC extensively strive to increase customer confidence through consistent customer support with the help of our dedicated employees. We ensure that all our customers have direct access to ASC staff members who have the expertise and authority to satisfy their requirements. At ASC, we always ensure that the customers' issues are addressed in a courteous and timely manner.

Key Service Solutions

Our key Service Solutions are provided as packages. They include:

  • "Risk free" trial program where customers can test certain equipment for a trial period and monitor the performance and revenue generated without any obligations. DEMO machines are provided to customers for equipments they are interested in purchasing. This results in satisfied clients as they can test the products prior to executing the purchase.
  • Technical training is offered on all tools or equipments purchases.
  • On-site repairs by our factory trained and highly qualified technicians.
  • Stand-by replacement machines are made available for customer machines under repair.
  • Providing dealers with AutoCAD layout and design for their new service Companys.
  • Complete feasibility studies and return on investment evaluations are also offered for certain projects.